FundFluent is a SME platform to help SME get insights and explore their funding options for their business use. The FundFluent API that we offer is focus for our partners to integrate the our funding options into their existing product. In the current release of our API, we are excited to expose all the options that are on the FundFluent's platform via API to our partners.

Use Cases

FundFluent Developer API is build in a mindset where our partners can pick their own level of integration from an informational all the way to help their customer setup a SME persona to perform an in-depth eligibility check. At each of the levels, there are additional data requirement in order for our platform to give you and your customer an executable funding strategy.

Getting funding options


  • If you are looking for one of the most comprehensive list of grant based SME funding options in Hong Kong, this is it.
  • If you are looking for ways to embedded Hong Kong's grant based funding options for SME into your website or platform, this is it.
  • If you are want to have show the purposes, topics, and amount for selected funding option from FundFluent, this is it.
  • For each of the funding option, you can also look up the funding profile using the Funder API.

The funding option list is periodically updated, so as long as you are querying our funding option API, you will be able be get the latest information from us. For each of the funder and funding option, there is infoLink that links back to FundFluent if you want your user to explore more. For deeper partnership around embedded financing options and referral, drop us a line on WhatsApp by using this link

Getting Funding Intelligence

This is coming soon as we are brewing our secret sauces to enable our partners to get funding intelligence for their customers. All the information provided in this section is considered tentative and may be changed before general release of this API.


If you are looking to embedded a curated list of funding options catered to a specific user, this is the API for it. The funding intelligence will require a set of non identifiable input to return a list of funding options that FundFluent believe will be the most fitting for your customer.

Required input

To be determined, as we are going through our data dictionary to identify the set of minimal set of non-identifiable attribute that this API will take in.

Performing an eligibility check

This will be coming soon as we are readying our guidelines on how to create an SME persona on FundFluent platform.


Building upon the funding intelligence API, the next step is to have FundFluent performs an eligibility check on the SME. As from the funding intelligence API, having basic attributes is not enough to perform a full eligibility check as FundFluent will requires more detailed information on the specific SME in order for us to create funding options that the SME will be eligible for and the execution timeline for each of the option.

Required input

To be determined.

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